How to clean a felt Felt Hat

How to clean a felt Felt Hat

Cleaning a felt hat is a delicate task. For light maintenance, you can brush it, collect dirt and dust with tape or a lint roller, and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. To remove stains, you can use a makeup sponge or eraser, sprinkle a little cornstarch directly on the area, or use a mild stain remover. To renew it and give it a deep clean, sprinkle an absorbent powder (such as baking soda) all over the surface and let it sit for a while before removing it.

Method 1 | Do a light cleaning.

  1. Use a brush to clean the Felt Hat. This is used to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Carefully run the brush counterclockwise, starting from the front, all the way around. Make sure you follow the same direction.
  2. Get rid of lint, hair, and dust. Get a small lint roller or use masking tape to remove dust and debris from the hat. Wrap the tape around your hand, adhesive side out, and rub or dab the surface. Change the tape every so often to make sure you remove as much residue as you can.
  3. Clean the Texan with a cloth or rag. Use a clean, dry cloth to get rid of dirt, dust, and other debris. Dry soil is easier to remove by rubbing the surface. To remove stuck dust, wipe it with a damp cloth, not soaked.

Method 2 | Remove stains.

  1. Use a rubber eraser or makeup sponge. If you notice any stains on the hat, you can remove it with one of these two options. You just need to dab or rub it. You can also try removing stains with a dry cleaning sponge (designed to absorb dust, dirt, and soot) that you can find at tool stores.
  2. Sprinkle cornstarch over the stains. If you see any grease stains on the hat, sprinkle a little cornstarch or cornstarch right on top (about ½ teaspoon or 0.25 ounces). Rub the stain gently. Let the powder sit for 5-10 minutes, then brush it off to see if it has absorbed the stain.
  3. Brush the surface with a fabric stain remover. Apply a little of the product to a cloth and use it to clean the hat. After treating the stains, rinse the cloth and give it another pass in the area where the stain is to remove the cleaning product from the Texan.

Keep your Texan in good condition.

  1. Store your felt hat in a cool place. Keep it there to keep it in good condition. Heat can cause the sweatband to shrink, making it no longer fit. For example, you can leave it in the hall of the house if it is an area that does not get very hot.
  2. Use a spray protector for your felt hat. Get a waterproofing product to protect your accessory. This type of spray can help prevent damage from rain and the appearance of stains. It will also keep it looking good for longer.
  3. Don't touch the top of the felt hat. Remember that you should not touch the crown when putting on or taking off the hat. Oil from your fingers or hands could transfer to the felt and leave a stain. Ideally, you should handle it carefully by the wing.
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