Do you know the parts of a hat?

Do you know the parts of a hat?

A hat may or may not consist of the following elements.

  • Crown or Cup: It is the upper part of the hat that adapts to the shape of the skull, limiting its circumference. This can have different shapes, regularly round, conical or truncated.
  • Edge or Brim: It is the part of the hat that consists of a surface that runs around the circumference of the hat, it fulfills the function of protecting the user from the sun's rays. The term brim is also applied to the side of some hats such as the chullo and the ushanka, which is intended to protect or cover the ears from the cold.
  • Band of the hat, Toquilla or Belt: It is the ribbon or ornament that is placed around the crown, between the crown and the edge. It serves to shape the hat, preventing it from widening or as a simple ornament.
  • Visor or Front Brim: It is the front surface of certain types of hats that serves to block the sun's rays. It is frequently found as a common element in military caps and popular baseball caps.

  • Soft band: It is the internal part of the hat, usually known as the sheepskin. Made of soft materials that comes into direct contact with the wearer's skull and is intended to properly adjust the hat to the head and stop sweat.
  • Chinstrap or Chinstrap - Chinstrap Tape to hold the hat that passes under the chin, especially for work and military hats.
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